Denaby & Cadeby – Conisborough 106 Denaby 114 for 3 – Victory at Neighbours

21 June 1901

Mexborough and Swinton Times, June 21.

Conisborough Defeated at Home.

Conisborough 106     Denaby 114 for 3

W Scott 4-32 L Robinson 52*, A Smith 50*

Brilliant weather favoured the return engagement between Conisborough and Denaby, in the Mexborough and district league, on the form is ground on Saturday.

The proceeds were for the benefit of the Conisborough pro H Linithan.

Such keen rivalry exists between these near neighbours, it was only natural to expect that there would be a capital attendance. It is needless to say that the highest expectations were fully realised and I have not least doubt that ugliness and would benefit financially.

For the first time this season Conisborough topped a hundred, but their total was not sufficiently large to achieving a victory over their opponents who were valiantly assisted by J. Robinson and Smith (pro)