Denaby & Cadeby – Jun 23 – Denaby 250 for 4 Frickley 114 – First win of season

June 1923

Mexborough & Swinton Times, June 23

Yorkshire Council

Denaby 250 for 4 Frickley 114 – First win of season

Yesterday, at home to Frickley, Denaby secured their first win of the season. After knocking up a big total for the loss of only four wickets, they sent Frickley in good time, and Frickley were all out thirty-five minutes before the time for drawing stumps.

There was only a small attendance, the majority of the spectators coming with the Frickley team. Greenwood and Tibbles for Denaby, and scored freely for an hour, putting on 69 before they were separated, Tibbles being clean bowled by James. There was some merry hitting when Narraway joined Greenwood, and the score went up to 151. When Greenwood looked absolutely “set”, Whitehead scattered his wicket, and Narraway soon followed, Sam Kennedy and G. L. Robinson had a good spell, and provided plenty of leather hunting, when Kennedy was run out. Shoosmith joined Robinson, and the pair took the score to 250, when the closure was applied.

Mellor and Shields opened for Frickley to the bowling of Crossley and Shoosmith. Neither played with confidence, and it was not long before the former was sent back with only 8 to his credit. His partner followed a few minutes later after stepping out to a slow ball from Crossley and having his bails nipped off by Narraway. Shoosmith was responsible for the dismissal of Cardwell, who was taken in the slips. L. James and C. Smith made a dogged effort to play out time, and the partnership yielded 53, lasting well over an hour. The former, however, was out from a smart return by Kennedy. After that only eight runs were added, and Frickley were all out for 114. The damage to the visitors “tail” was done by Greenwood, who took 3 wickets for 5 runs. Crossley took 3 for 22, Shoosmith 2 for 31, and Worthington 1 for 14. Scores:-



I Greenwood B Whitehead 61 G Mellor c G Soar b Shoosmith 8 E Tibbles b James 43 A Shields st Narraway b Crossley 8 W Narraway b T Smith 54 J Hallas b Crossley 7 G L Robinson not out 33 W Cardwell c Shoosmith b Crossley 10 Sam Kennedy run out 11 L James run out 22 H Shoosmith not out 38 A Cookson c G Soar b Greenwood 4 C Smith not out 51 T Smith c G Soar b Greenwood 4 W Oldknow b Worthington 0 Whitehead c Shoosmith b Greenwood 0 Quick b Greenwood 0 Extras 10 Extras 2 Total (for 4 wickets) 250 Total 114