Keeping a Dog without a Licence

June 1885

Mexborough and Swinton Times June 26 1885

Keeping a Dog without a Licence

Charles Brown, Labourer, Conisbrough, was summoned for keeping a dog without a licence.

Sgt Calcroft said on the 10th inst, E visited the defendants residents, and there found two dogs and asked if he had two licences.

Defendant replied that he had only one, and the second belonged to a man at Wombwell. Witness knew that the defendant had had possession of the dog for some time.

For the defence, Brown said the second dog former belonged to him, but he had given it to a man named Joseph round, who lived at Mitchell Terrace, Wombwell.

When the colliers came out on strike, round, his family and the dog went to live with the defendant and he was still keeping the dog until he got better from the “mange.”

Joseph Round said in February defendant gave him this dog, and he had it about five weeks. On that strike he took it back, and it had remained there. He produced the licence

The Bench said that the defendant ought to have a licence for the dog, and imposed a penalty of 5s and 10s costs.