Killed in the Pit – Pony Drivers Mistake

September 1911

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Friday 01 September 1911

Killed in the Pit

Mexborough Pony Drivers Mistake

A verdict of “Accidentally killed” was returned by a Coroner’s jury at Mexborough, yesterday, in respect of the death of James Ball (20), a pony driver, of 43, Albert Road, Mexborough, who was killed at the Cadeby Pit on Tuesday.

The deceased was employed taking tubs to and from number 111 stall in 123 Crossgate, which is an incline was a gradient varying from one in 20 to  one in 15. The drivers are not allowed to descend with more than two full tubs with two lockers.

At 8.30 on Tuesday morning the deceased went down with three tubs, and they ran away. At the turn at the bottom, number 98 level, they left the rails, and pinned the deceased against the side. He was dead when extricated.

The Corporal, Albert Cutts, of Denaby, said the pony was harnessed in sling gears, and consequently could not check the speed of the tubs.

Mr H.S. Witty, manager of the colliery, said orders have been given that limmers were to be substituted for sling gears under similar gradient throughout the pit.