Killing a Lamb at Conisborough – A Family Starving

January 1905

Mexborough and Swinton Times January 14, 1905

Killing a Lamb at Conisborough
A Family Starving

A tall man, named Herbert Littlewood, of Conisborough, was indicted for killing a lamb, valued at £1 18s, the property of George Fieldsend, at Conisborough with intent to steal it, on the 26 or 27 November

The prisoner pleaded guilty

Mr Fleming said on the Sunday following the 26 November allow was found missing, but blood marks were traced to the prisoner’s house. When spoken to he said it was all right. When the outer search, the remains of a lamb was found

The prisoner said his family were starving

The Clerk: Have you anything to say?

Prisoner: No, sir, except we were starving – me and my wife and children

Have you got anybody here who knows anything about you?

Yes, my wife

The prisoner’s wife then came forward, and the prisoner commenced to cry bitterly

Prisoner’s wife, in answer to the Chairman, said her husband had been a steady man. He had brought his money home

Does he get drunk?

Well, not very often

Has he ever been before the judge ?

Once, I believe.

The Chairman: Four times I have got it, and find ones for stealing

To the prisoner: We have taken into consideration what you have said, and we think you have told us the truth with regard to the starving condition of your family. We shall make the sentence as light as we can; it will be six weeks imprisonment with hard labour.