Kilner Bros Festivities at Conisbrough

January 1886

Mexborough and Swinton Times January 29, 1886

Kilner Bros Festivities at Conisbrough

On Wednesday evening the manager, clerks and foremen of the different departments of Messrs Kilner brothers, Conisbrough were entertained to dinner by Mr Caleb Kilner to celebrate the coming of age of his son Mr Gad Kilner.

A sumptuous repassed was placed before the guest, and after ample justice had been done to the good things provided, the “Health and prosperity of Mr Gad Kilner” was proposed by Mr J.K.Bateson, seconded by Mr C.Reasbeck and the toast was drunk with musical honours, Mr G Kilner responding in an appropriate speech.

The next toast, which was receive with applause, was “The health, happiness and prosperity of Mr and Mrs C Kilner and family,” proposed by Mr J.R.Wilcock, and seconded by Mr A.J.Brooks, coupled with it a vote of thanks for the splendid entertainment the host and hostess had provided.

“Prosperity to Mrs Kilner Brothers” was then proposed by Mr B Brook, seconded by Mr J Proctor, and was well received.

Mr Caleb Kilner ably responded.

“The health of the clerks to the firm” was proposed by Mr Gad Kilner, and seconded by Mr W Wright. Mr A.F.Wilcock responded.

Mr A J Brooks then proposed “The health of the managers,” which Mr C Kilner seconded.

The toast was well received, and Mr Bateson suitably replied. The remainder of the evening was spent in a sociable and most enjoyable manner, the guest not dispersing until a late hour.