Kilnhurst Challenge Cup – Mexborough 9 Denaby 0

21 January 1889

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Monday 21 January 1889

Kilnhurst Challenge Cup.

Mexborough 9 Denaby 0

This undecided tie in the first round of the Kilnhurst Challenge Cup was replayed at Kilnhurst on Saturday in the presence of a fair number of spectators.

Last week the teams met at Mexborough where rough play was the order of the day, and Denaby Wanderers won by three goals to two. One of the goals was afterwards objected to by Mexborough and the objection they lodged was confirmed by the committee, hence Saturdays match.

Mexborough elected to kick towards Kilnhurst and soon made their superiority apparent. The forwards were soon busy and swung round the Denaby goal time after time.

On one occasion four of them had the ball in their possession in the goalmouth, and notwithstanding that they were not hampered in any way they could not get it through.

Hutchinson however broke the ice by passing to Lovatt who shot the first goal.

From a combined run by Kilner, Lovat and Pashley, the latter of whom centred beautifully, Hutchinson was unable to score the second goal.

The Denaby backs, Harrison and dual, particularly the former, defended grandly but their efforts of of no avail against the splendid passing of the Mexboroughites.

When ends were changed the score stood at 2 to none in favour of Mexborough.

Their opponents then showed signs of flagging, and nearly the whole of the remainder the game was confined to the Denaby quarters, few breaks that were made being easily repulsed by Coe and Long.

Shot after shot was made at the Denaby fortress, which was many times within an ace of falling. Eventually Pashley drew blood again with a clinking shot, and once the ice had been broken the other forwards followed suit.

Altogether Hutchinson scored three, Kilner, who played a dashing game as forward, a like number, Pashley 1, Lovatt two, making in all a total nine, which might have been considerably augmented.

Result:— Mexborough 9 goals, 0 goal.

Teams.— Mexborough: Hewitt, Coe, Long, Lawton, Westwood, Lovatt, Pears, Hutchinson

Denaby this.—Gregory, Harrison, Jowel, Meakin, Cooke, Beevors, J. Whitehouse, Wright, A Whitehouse, Humphreys, Croft.

Umpires Messrs Preston and J. Jowel. Referee, Mr. Mangham