Last Year’s Tale of Tragedy – A Diary of Inquests.

January 1930

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 03 January 1930

Last Year’s Tale of Tragedy.

A Diary of Inquests.


7—Suicide of Consiboro’ saddler, Philip Elmhurst, by drowning.

8—J. C. Crossley, miner, of Jump, found drowned in the canal.


26—Inquests at Denaby on two victims of a motor collision at Conisboro’ Mr. G. H. Chattel (48) of Denaby, and his sister-in-law, Mrs. Blanche Muggeridge, of Swinton.


2- Mrs Sarah Sherratt, of Mexboro’, knocked down and killed by a motor car in Mexboro’

4—Harold Ashwood (24), of Middlecliffe, electrocuted while dismantling overhead wires at the Little Houghton Colliery.

5—James Thomas Gregg, miner, of Goldthorpe, committed suicide on the railway line near Straight Lane, Goldthorpe.

11—James W. Catling (49), miner, of West Melton, fatally injured by fall of roof at the Wath Main Colliery.

18—Thurnscoe child, Thomas Victor Tucker (8), accidentally gassed.

20—Ronald Beech (3), of Mexboro’, knocked down and killed by a motor ‘bus.

29—Head-on collision between two motor cycles at Scawby resulted in the instantaneous death of the two riders, Mr. R. S. Watson, schoolmaster, of Thurnscoe, and Mr. Samuel Ellis, of Cudworth, ‘bus driver employed by the Barnsley Traction Co.


2—George Cope (23), of Mexboro, killed by runaway tubs in the Barnburgh Main Colliery.

7—Tom Saunders (28), of West Melton, killed by a fall of coal in the Cortonwood Colliery.

9—Harry Dickenson (54), of Thurnscoe, killed by fall of dirt in the Hickleton Main Colliery.

Alfred Calvert (76), of West Melton, an employee of the Wath Urban Council died of injuries received on April 24th, while tending a mortar mill in the Council yard. This inquest the coroner complimented a number of miners for their courage in rescue work.

27—A Thurnscoe child. Harry Whitehouse, killed by a ‘bus in Station Road, Thurnscoe.


9—Body of an unknown man found poisoned in a field at Conisboro’.


1—George Taylor (30), of Swinton, fatally injured in the Manvers Main mine.

4—James Preston (24) haulage band, of Kilnhurst, killed while working in the Thrybergh Colliery.

5—Charles Henry Storer (31), of Goldthorpe, fatally injured in the Barnburgh Main Colliery.

8—James Brownlow (18), of Kilnhurst, killed by runaway tubs in the Thrybergh Colliery.

11—Herbert Wood (58), miner, of Denaby, fatally injured in the Denaby Main

30–John Brook (53), miner, of Mexboro’, killed by fall of roof at the Denaby Main Colliery.


5—George Frederick Wilkinson (55), of Kilnhurst, killed in a collision with a motor car while motor cycling home from Tickhill Show.

7—John Charles Orgill (5), of Goldthorpe, knocked down and killed by a motor ‘bus.

11—George William Ward (63), colliery surface worker, found drowned in a pond at Swinton.

16—James Wood (26), joiner, of Thurnscoe, found drowned in the Hickleton Colliery reservoir.


10—Sarah Knowles (14), of Denaby, knocked down and killed by a motor car in Doncaster Road. Denaby.

26—John Bellamy, farm labourer, committed suicide by hanging in a barn at Highwoods Farm, Mexboro’.


7—Alfred Dawson, colliery engine driver, of Conisboro’, committed suicide.

8—Lily Thomas (17), killed by fall downstairs at her home in Kilnhurst.

12—David Hume Robinson, of Wath, killed while working on the scraper-conveyor at the Wath Main Colliery.

15—Fred Prigmore (3) and Walter Griffiths (4), of Wath, killed by a goods train on the L.N.E.R. line at Manvers Main.


4—Harold Andrew Frost (15), assistant haulage hand, killed by fall of roof at Manvers Main,

11—Constance Ethel Stables (6), knocked down and killed by a motor lorry in Wombwell.

27—Robert Lawley (16), haulage hand, killed by fall of coal in the Denaby Colliery.


4—John Cupitt (72), miner, of Denaby, found drowned in Bolton floods.

5—David Hateley (16), haulage hand, killed in Wath Main Colliery.

16—Horace Needham (45), of Wath, died of injuries received in the Wath Main Colliery on Dec. 3.

30—Albert Goodinson (64), formerly a mine worker, found hanging in his home, 53, Hollowgate Road, Wath.