Soldiers – Lawrence Family – More Denaby Patriots

April 1915

Mexborough Times, April 24, 1915

More Denaby Patriots
Another Family of Soldiers

Mrs Lawrence of Denaby main has five sons with the colours, four of whom are on active service. The three eldest sons – Fred, Arthur, and Robert – are married,their homes being in Denaby

Eldest son, Gunner Fred Lawrence is serving in the Royal Field Artillery. He has been in the Army nine years, several which he spent in India.

Driver Arthur Lawrence, Royal Field Artillery, has also been at the front since the commencement of the war. He went through the South African campaign, and he possesses two medals and a badge.

Robert enlisted in Lord Kitchener’s Army, the York and Lancaster Regiment and he is still in England.

Sam, who is also serving in the R.F.A.was eight years in India, and he came home for furlough at Christmas. A little later he was sent to France.

The youngest son Benjamin was 18 years of age, enlisted in August in the R.F.A.for a period of six years. On March 24, he sent a letter to his mother and sister, stating that the Regiment was about to embark for the Dardanelles, and since then they have not heard from him.

In the course of letters recently, Gunner F.Lawrence says he is in the best of health, considering he has been for five months out there

Gunner Fred Lawrence

Driver Arthur Lawrence

Private Robert Lawrence

Sam Lawrence R.F.A.

Benjamin Lawrence R.F.A.