Leading Local Events in 1930 – Achievements and Disappointments – Quarter 1

January 1931

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 02 January 1931

Leading Local Events in 1930

Achievements and Disappointments

Quarter 1


1—Wombwell Unemployed Workers’ Movement gave treat to children of unemployed.

6—New organ dedicated at St. Hilda’s Church, Thurnscoe.

10—Retirement of Mr. Robert Snow from secretaryship of Manvers Main Collieries, held for 29 years, and appointment of Mr. J. P. Thompson, Leeds, as successor.

13 —Jump St, George’s G.F.S. produced a pantomime. “Beauty and the Beast.”

13—Mexboro’ Green Room Club gave their inaugural production. “The Passing of the Third Floor Back.”

14–Swinton Players produced “A Doll’s House.”

15–Mexboro’ U.D.C., following abandonment of negotiations with Swinton, decided on amalgamation overtures to Conisboro’.

15—Coffin containing remains of William Morton, Thurnscoe was drawn to grave by a horse from Hickleton Main Colliery, and the old custom of giving the horse a piece of cake before the funeral was followed, all at deceased’s own request.

15—Dearne Valley Water Board adopted superannuation scheme.

18—Presentation made to Mr. John Westgarth, of Wath, on retirement alter 35 years as deputy at Manvers Main.

18—Public ambulance jointly owned by Mexboro’, Swinton, and Wath given into custody of Montagu Hospital

18—Warde-Aldam Shield presented by Mrs. W. W. Warde-Aldam to 1st Denaby Company, C.L.B.

20—Mr. Eric Roberts’s comedy, “Never Again” produced by himself at Wombwell in aid of Wombwell Parish Church.

22–Child welfare centre opened at Kilnhurst.

23—Annual parochial meeting at Swinton decided on use of Revised Prayer Book in lady chapel for experimental period.

28—Mexboro’ auxiliary of R.S.P.C.A. formed.,

28—Goldthorpe parishioners decided to go forward with scheme for memorial to late Rev. John Dalton.

30—Presentations to Mr. Arthur Spring on retirement after 39 years’ service at Mexboro’ National School.

31—Appointment announced of Rev. J. St. Leger Blakeney, rector of Wombwell.

31—Netherwood Hall acquired b Welfare Fund trustees for £6500, for use of Darfield and Mitchell Main miners.

31—Mr. H. A. Kerry, head of Barnburgh school, appointed bead of Bolton-on- Deanne school.

31—Presentation made by directors and staff of Denaby and Cadeby Collieries to Mr. John Watkin, head cashier, on completion of 50 years’ service.


12-Conisboro’ U.D.C. accepted invitation to discuss amalgamation with Mexboro’.

14-Thurnscoe St. Hilda’s Dramatic Society gave inaugural production: “The Passing of the Third Floor Back.”

14 -Fire in stables near Oxford Theatre caused damage estimated at £300

17-Jump wedding party, including bride and bridegroom, involved in motor accident at Ecclestield.

18-Shops gutted by fire in Station Road, Conisboro’.

19-Mexboro’ Dramatic Society produced “The Fake.”

19- Mexboro’ U.D.C. reduced price of electricity from 5d. to 4 ½d  a unit.

19-Dearne Valley Water Board appointed deputation to Ministry regarding cutting off of Sheffield supply to Hoyland.

19-Rev. Rowland Hill, formerly at Wombwell inducted pastor of Providence Church, Cleckheaton.

21-Mr. Ronald Heald, Kilnhurst, appointed Demonstrator in Dental Histology, Sheffield University.

22-Rev. H.Y. Necker (Darfield) addressed Wath Ruri-DecanaI Conference on “Church Union in India.”

22—Canon S.T.G. Smith preached farewell sermons at civic service in Wombwell Parish Church

25-Conference at Swinton considered W.H.C.C. proposals for school reorganisation in their area.

27-Mr. Vivian Carter spoke at annual dinner, Mexboro’ Rotary Club.

28-Mexboro” Empire Shopping Week.


3–Thurnscoe St. Helen’s Sunday School teachers produced “East Lynne.”

3–Wombwell Congregational Dramatic Society produced The Rivals.”

4–Presentations made by church and town of Wombwell to departing rector (Rev. S. T. G. Smith) on acceptance of living of Attercliffe.

11–Swinton Nursing Association celebrated “coming of age.”

11-Conisboro’ U.D.C. received deputation of trustees of Denaby War Memorial Park and agreed to consider proposal to take it over

16-Dearne Valley Musical Union gave Mendelsohn’s “Hymn of Praise.”

18 –Thurnscoe U.D.C. decided to proceed with road improvement schemes costing £25,272 with help of Unemployment Grants Committee.

21 — Notices given to 170 men employed at Manvers Main owing to bad trade.

26 – Mexboro’ Green Room Club produced “The Fourth Wall.”

27 – Bazaar held in aid of Mexboro’ P.M. Church.

29 — Old Hall Inn, Houghton, saved from destruction by fire by prompt action of P.c. Ames