Leaving a Horse and Horse

January 1886

Mexborough and Swinton Times January 8, 1886

Leaving a Horse and Horse

Christopher Hammond, poet Butcher, Rotherham, was summoned for not having control over a horse and cart at Conisbrough on the 13th ult.

PC Noble stated that at 8:45 o’clock on the above date he was in Doncaster Road when he saw a horse and cart standing in front of the Star Inn.

He watched the horse and trap for 35 minutes then went and told the defendant he should report the case. In reply defendant said he should stop 10 minutes longer.

PC Connington gave corroborative evidence.

In defence Hammond said he was only in the house 20 minutes, and when the officer spoke to him he went at once.

The landlord told him he would see to the horse and trap.

Alan Roberts give similar testimony.

Lord Auckland said the penalty was £5, but they would order the defendant to pay the mitigated sum of 10 shillings and 10s 6d costs.