Licensing Offence at Conisborough

April 1906

Mexborough and Swinton Times April 21, 1906

Licensing Offence at Conisborough

A New Conisborough miner, named James Connor and a Denaby Filler, named Daniel Yates were summoned for having been found on licensed premises during prohibitive hours at conisborough on the eighth inst. And Thomas Nesbitt, licensed victuallers, of the Red Lion Hotel conisborough was summoned for having kept his licensed premises open during prohibited hours.

PC Horton stated that at 1140 the previous Sunday using, was PC Wales when they visited the Rate Line, and in the taproom found the two defendants, each with a pint pot partly filled with beer, among the number of other men. Connor was reading a newspaper. Witness asked him what he was doing in the house at that time and where he came from. He replied “Mexborough, close to the church.” Witness was acquitted with Yates and called him outside, enquiring why he was there, to which you reply, “I know I am under 3 miles.” Connor resided about a mile away from the public house.

He took Yates to the landlady, and asked what Yates said when he entered the house; but Yates, speaking before she had an opportunity of reply, said “I never said anything.”

About an hour later witness met Connor near the railway station at Conisbrough, when he asked him his name and address, the latter of which he stated was Loversall Street. That information was correct. He then told Connor he would be reported and Connor replied “It looks like a Wakefield job.” When witness first visited the house there were 25 persons there.

Connor and Yates both appeared, but offered no defence.

The former was ordered to pay 10 shillings and costs and Yates five shillings and costs.

With regard to the case against the landlord, Mr Baddiley applied for an adjournment, on the ground that he had not had sufficient time to get up the case.

The Chairman said the bench had received a medical certificate stating that the defendant was suffering from influenza, and therefore the case would be adjourned for a week.