Lighting at Denaby School – Rewiring Will Cost £1210

December 1955

South Yorkshire Times, December 17, 1955

Lighting at Denaby School
Rewiring Will Cost £1210

Young boys who are taking up a career in the pits get their first experience of dark conditions at Denaby Main Junior School, Councillor.H.Shephard alleged at last night’s meeting of Conisbrough Primary School Managers.

The managers were considering a report submitted by school headteacher, Mr R. Hall, referred to the “still serious problem” of repairs and said, “We have recently had under consideration the question of artificial light, and an officer of the Authority has examined the present system, which he suggested needs revision.”

Mr Hall asked that in case such revision were approved, the job be completed before the school was redecorated.

He added “Perhaps it would be possible to transfer the money for painting to the lighting proposals and subsequently to budget again for decorating.”

Mr E Hewson, Deputy Divisional Education Officer, said that an architect from county headquarters had visited the school. He reported that the existing lighting was below the standards set by the Ministry of Education, and report recommended that the school be rewired at an estimated cost of £1210.

He said, “It will probably mean delaying the redecoration of the school because it will be futile to paint it then carry out the electrical work. We suggest that the architect be asked to put the electrical work in hand.”

Moving the proposal, Councillor Shephard said it was far more important to do the lighting work first. “We have been waiting donkey’s years for it.”