Limbs Broken & Lives Lost !

October 1890

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 24 October 1890

Limbs Broken & Lives Lost !

A writer in a contemporary alludes to the Conisborough Local Board question as follows: —Conisborough is anxious for a Local Board:— just about as anxious as its near neighbour, Mexborough, is for a Town Council.

Certain it is that, under the Doncaster Rural Sanitary Authority, the residents around the old castle ruins do not seem to be shown much consideration.

My wonder has often been that limbs have not been broken and lives lost by reason of the dangers that abound. I was never in a place where it was more easy for an individual to stumble from footpaths or to be precipitated over walls or into dykes—that is, in the dark, for there are sudden curves and steep declivities as would appear to make disaster ineligible. Surely the inhabitants are all rigid teetotalers !

If it be accomplished conveniently pray let us have a Local Board, and let that authority possess the gas works. Why is it that the rooms of the dwellings only are illuminated and that there is total darkness outside, excepting when fair Lunar chooses to look calmly down and the stars to merrily twinkle?

Conisborough possesses some influential residents, and l am astonished that the township is so many years behind in these respects.