Linnaean Botanical Society Visit Again

June 1888

Mexborough and Swinton Times June 22, 1888

Linnaean Botanical Society Visit Again

Last Sunday Conisbro’ was favoured with a visit from the Linnaean Botanical Society from Oldham and Ashton. This is the third year in succession that this association has come to Conisbro’.

The visitors arrived about nine o’clock, and did not leave again until seven in the evening. The woods, fields, cliffs and hedgerows were searched by scores of eager eyes, and several pretty specimens and numerous herbs were secured by the visitors.

Many of the villagers were much amused at the sight of men taking away armfuls of nettles with which to make beer. In the districts from which these people come, nettles are scarce. The people are fond of nettle beer, hence their eagerness for the herbs.

Refreshments were supplied at most of the public houses, and the vendors thereof were well patronised. The publicans were working most of the day, and quietness, with one exception, reigned throughout.

Towards evening the majority of the visitors began to gather round about the Station Inn, the headquarters of the committee. The principal plants were collected and named, and a discussion held on their medicinal properties. The lecturers were Mr. Atnan and Mr. Parkinson.

Votes of thanks to the chairman and speakers concluded the meeting, when a general move was made to the station. A few unlucky individuals stopped botanising too long and were left by the excursion, to get home as best they might.