Lively Proceedings at Annual Meeting – Resignations and New Officers

16 July 1910

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 16 July 1910

Lively Proceedings at Annual Meeting.

Resignation of President.

New Set of Officers Appointed

The proceedings at the annual meeting of the Denaby United Football Club. held at the Reresby Anne on Thursday evening of last week, were of the liveliest description.

As a result of the meeting a new set of officers to control the club for the ensuing season.

The Press were not notified of the meeting, our representative has had some difficulty in getting particulars, extreme reticence been observed as to what took place. We were unable to get a copy of the club’s balance sheet.

Mr Charles Bury, President of the club presided and there would be about 50 members present.

The secretary (Mr T Peter’s) presented a balance sheet, which, after an animated discussion was unanimously adopted. The income for the year we understand, £350, which included the £195 received for two players. The balance owing to the treasurer was £37 9s

The chief loss of the season were attributed to the reserve team, and the Sheffield Challenge Cup competition. The loss on the reserve team was put down at £60 and on the Challenge Cup at £57. The meeting finally decided to drop the reserve team, and only one team for the ensuing season.

Mr Bury (President) Thorpe at the position of President should be conferred upon someone else the next season as he considered a change will be beneficial. Several names was submitted and eventually Mr A Peace, Reresby arms was elected. Mr John Barlow, Balby Street, Denaby Main, was appointed secretary. Mr George Milnes declined to take the treasurer’s position, and after several other gentlemen had been nominated, and declined the position, Mr E Marx was chosen, and he accepted the position pro. tem.

Mrs J Engeldow and W Astbury were elected auditors.

The following were elected on the committee of management: Mrs Joel Engel down, H Kelly, F Baxter, C Bury (ex President), G Milnes (ex treasurer), T Anthony, A Dudhill, E Feeney, A.M.Davies, do.J.Lawrence, with the new president, secretary and treasurer.

It was decided to ask permission of the Football Association to devote the proceeds of the practice matches to the convalescent fund for the children of Denaby.

Mr R done, manager of the team, who has been connected with it for years, has, we understand, resigned that position