Lively Scene in the Region of Conisborough Castle

July 1895

Mexborough and Swinton Times July 26, 1895

A Lively Scene in the Region of Conisborough Castle.
Mutual Recriminations

Mary Ann Ward, married woman, Conisborough, was charged with an assault upon Mary Anne Adams, also of that place, and the 14th of July

Complainant deposed that on the day in question she was in her doorway, when the defendant came up to her and proposed a fight. Complainant said she would have nothing what ever to say to her. Defendant then struck her on the eye, remarking as she performed this feat, “I will give it you.” Complainant was made to fall down on the steps.

At this juncture the complainant’s husband came to the rescue, and was greeted with two blows in the face.

Defendant: did you strike me with the poker on my forehead?

Complainant: no.

Clara King, called by the complainant, disposed that she was a neighbour of the parties, and on the Sunday night in question was present when the assault was committed. Defendant came into the woman’s house and struck her

Complainant’s husband then came up, and inform defendant she “would have to pay for it.”

Anna Morris also witnessed the cadence. She saw no poker used at all.

Defendants was fined £1 and costs.