Local Colliery Accidents – Conisborough and Denaby Men Killed.

January 1925

Mexborough & Swinton Times, January 17th 1925

Local Colliery Accident.
Conisborough and Denaby Men Killed.

An inquest will held today on the body of Harold Gerrard (22), a single man, of 1, Scawby Street, Denaby Main. The man was killed by a fall of stone at Yorkshire Main, and was found dead in the pit at 2.30 a.m. yesterday.

Three men are lying in hospital in Mexborough, suffering from injures received while working at collieries this week.

As the result of a fall of roof at Manvers Main on Monday, Edwin Waddington, of 36, Mexborough, was admitted suffering from a fractured leg. While working at Barnburgh on Wednesday Herbert Bardner, of 38, Goldthorpe, had his thigh broken.

On Wednesday, Thomas Huntingdon, Bolton, working at Wath Main, had three of his fingers and part of his hand cut off by a circular saw.

An inquest will be held this afternoon, at the Co-operative Room, West Street, Conisborough, on Andrew Cullen (48), Conisborough, who was killed at Cadeby yesterday at about 12.30.
He finished work about noon, and was walking towards the pit bottom, with other men, when they were met by a run of tubs, one of which was carrying a bar, and the bar caught Cullen on the abdomen and pinned him to the side. He was released by his companions, but died within a few minutes.