“Long Night” at Conisborough

April 1889

Mexborough and Swinton Times April 12, 1889

“Long Night” at Conisborough

On Friday evening last the dancing class which are be running its course at the Board School Conisborough, under the able leadership and guidance of Mr Senior of Doncaster, was brought to a successful termination by the holding of what proved to be a most enjoyable “Long Night.”

The party present, including members and their friends to the number of about 70, entered into the spirit of the evening with all the vigour and enthusiasm of persons to whom dancing is a comparatively new pleasure; and so well was interest kept up, that it was closed on 5 AM before any sign of flagging could be seen, or any word of tiredness could be heard.

The arrangements which were in the hands of Mrs Tom Booth, Quinliven, Williams, Phillips and others were all that could be desired, and the same may be said of the supper and refreshment, which was the hands of the ladies committee.

The room had been tastefully decorated and the floor suitably prepared.

At the close of the proceedings, votes of thanks were accorded to Mr and Mrs Tom Booth for having been largely instrumental in establishing a course in Conisborough; to Mr Senior for his services as teacher and M.C., to the ladies for their work, and to the School Board for the use of the room.