Long Service Awards for Denaby Factory Employees

March 1955

South Yorkshire Times March 19, 1955

Long Service Awards

For Denaby Factory Employees

On Thursday last at the Crown Hotel, Bawtry, Westfalite Factory, Denaby Main, held its annual presentation of long service awards.

Mr Tyre, works manager, presided and introduced a guess, the principal guest being Nobel Division Production Director, Dr J.M.Holm. He was also pleased to see a good number of pensioners present and welcome particular wife, husbands and friends of the recipients. Also present were Mr, H. Gee and Mr G. Lee representatives from Chesterfield factory.

Before making the presentations Dr Holm said that it was significant that seven recipients were receiving awards represent 190 years total service in a relatively small factory. This in itself spoke highly of the happy ending harmonious conditions prevailing and of the devoted and valuable service to the company. He thanked the recipients for their service and hoped that they would feel part of the company and not merely employees.

Dr Holm stated that he had four main responsibilities. To ensure that sufficient of the divisions products were made for the demands of the sales departments; that they were produced to the high quality and standards set; that they were produced at the least cost, and produced safely. Workers of long service and experience played a big part in assisting him in all these responsibilities.

Dr. Holms read congratulatory messages from Dr James Taylor, main board director, and Dr Jenkins, chairman of Noble division.

Presentations were then made to :

Miss M. A. Stanley, Onyx Clock, 40 years service;

Mr. C. Smith, onyx clock, 40 years service;

Mr R B. Thomas, gold wristlet watch, 30 years service;

Miss M. Dutton, Silver wristlet watch, 20 years service;

Mrs. G. Saul, silver wristlet watch, 20 years service;

Miss F. Tillotson, silver wristlet watch, 20 years service;

Mr. J. B. Wills, silver wristlet watch, 20 years service


Mr R Brown, divisional manager, export sales and government sales, thanked Denaby for its indirect assistance in helping him to maintain his export orders and for the quality of its product particularly as these days competition was being made from manufacturers all over the world.

Dr. Stratton, divisional manager of distribution department and Mr F. I. Davies, area sales manager also spoke of the good work which had been done by the distribution side of the factory activities. Other speakers were Dr D. M. Bell. Works medical officer, Mr. H. Manager, and Mr. A. B. Platts, Mexborough youth employment officer.

A vote of thanks on behalf of the recipients was made by Mr. C. Smith chief wages clerk at the factory. Entertainment was provided by Miss Edna Gibson (pianist). Mr. John Dethick (Bass) and Mr F. K. De Quorcy (illusionist).