Lucky Miss Follows a Good Turn at Conisbrough

January 1958

South Yorkshire Times, January 25, 1958

Lucky Miss
Follows a Good Turn at Conisbrough

A Good Samaritan deed probably saved a Conisbrough milkman from serious injury in an accident in New Hill Conisbrough, on Tuesday for as he stopped his van to help a woman who had fallen, another vehicle skidded into his van and hit his vehicle just where he would otherwise have been sitting.

Depot manager and a milk delivery man, Mr. George Harold Parker, of 60, Carr View Avenue, Balby, was driving his van up New Hill when he saw the woman fall on the icy path. He stopped his van and, with another man, helped the woman. who had injured her back and shoulder, into a nearby house.

During this time a motor car, driven by Ronald Richardson, of 115, Sheffield Road, Conisbrough, skidded into the van.

Richardson Was treated for shock and allowed to go home.