Man Took Car

August 1951

South Yorkshire Times, August 25th, 1951

Man Took Car

A miner who got used to borrowing others drivers’ vehicles when he was in the Army was fined £20 at Doncaster West Riding Magistrates Court on Tuesday.  Charles A. Nock (37) of Parkgate Avenue, Conisbrough, pleaded guilty to taking his brother-in-law’s car without permission.

He was fined £10 for driving without insurance, £7 for taking and driving a car away without consent, and £3 for driving without a licence. He was also suspended from driving for twelve months.

Chief Supt. A. Hunter said the car belonged to a firm which employed Nock’s brother-in-law, Walter Lacey Sherlock of Trinity Church Square, London, as a sales manager.  Sherlock left the car outside a house in Chambers Avenue, Conisbrough. An hour later it had gone and the police were told. An hour and a half later, two policemen saw the car being driven by Sherlock, with Nock as a passenger.

Seen by the police, Nock said “I just ran up Low Road as far as Sheffield Road.    I am sorry if I did not ask him for the car, I got used to doing this in the Army.”  Nock told the Bench he meant no harm in taking the car and apologised for any trouble he caused.  “I brought the car back.  When I was in the Army in the desert, we used to borrow each other’s trucks,” he added.