Managers and Miners – Joint Conference at Denaby – Nationalisation

November 1946

South Yorkshire Times, November 2, 1946

Managers and Miners
Joint Conference at Denaby

Mr R. H. Shepard presided over a meeting held on Sunday in the Denaby Main Colliery Miners canteen convened to make clear the position after the vesting date of the nationalisation of the coal mines.

Mr D. Cockburn (agent of the colliery) and Mr J. Halford (manager of the colliery) attended, also Mr J. T. H. Collins (secretary, N. U. M.), Along with members of the reduction committee.

The chairman outlined the objects of the meeting and called for full operation between workers and management and the Coal Board and said if any men had suggestions whereby they thought they could improve the output at the colliery he hoped they would place their ideas before the pit production committees,

Mr D. Cockburn, Mr J. T. H. Collins (secretary, N. U. M.) And Mr J. Halford also spoke,

The following resolution was carried anonymously: –

“This conference representing all employees of this Colliery marks the commencement of a new relationship between all persons employed in the British Coalmining industry. It recognises the vital importance of a clear understanding of the situation which has arisen, expressed in the establishment of a national coal board, to be responsible for the future conduct of the affairs of the industry.

“We fully appreciate the difficulties which confront the industry in its efforts to produce sufficient coal to satisfy the requirements of industrial and domestic consumers, especially in the period between the present and the effective reorganisation which can only be brought about progressively. We pledge ourselves to do everything possible to overcome all obstacles to production. Both now and in the future, and to this cooperate fully in the measures necessary to modernise the industry as speedily as possible, so as to raise the status of all employed in the industry and to provide the nation with essential supplies of fuel and power.”