Denaby Utd – Mar 1 – Doncaster Rov Res 0 Denaby 1 – Dauntless Denaby – Only 10 Men.

March 1924

Mexborough and Swinton Times, March 1.

Dauntless Denaby.

Win at Doncaster with Only 10 Men.

“Joby” Misses Penalty but Scores winning Goal.

Doncaster Rovers Reserves 0 , Denaby United 1

Denaby United accomplished one of the smartest performances of the season on Saturday when they brought home the spoils from Belle Vue. They also squared accounts with the Rovers for since the war (including this match), Doncaster, and Denaby have won two each and drawn three. At Denaby this season the result was a draw, mainly through Picknett, who now turned out in black and amber instead of red.

There would be about 2,500 people present when the game commenced, and a lot of these must come from Denaby judging by the applause.

Some Third Division players were observed in the home ranks, Jacklin, Loughran, Penman and Robertson being there.

Hamilton won the toss and immediately from the start Denaby advanced by the left, Chambers headed in and Loughran conceded a corner. Lowson cleared the kick and Penman raced away. The Denaby defence stopped him at the expense of a freekick.

After Jackson and Godfrey had both been offside, Picknett sped along the wing, but shot over the top. Harris got going along the Doncaster right wing and Taylor saved by kicking out. From a freekick Chambers ran through, but finished by shooting wide.

Again the Rovers went away on the right, Slicer then dashed up the left wing and slung across a beautiful centre, from which they should have been a goal. There was quite a crowd of players in the goalmouth, but a glorious opportunity was missed.

Hamilton slung across a centre, Jacklin came out for it, but Shaw was there first and he headed the ball over the goalkeeper. Luckily for the Rovers it went right over the top.

Loughran then legged Godfrey down, and the referee had a word with the offender. Cooper and Curtis met in a heading bout and both went down. They are to be helped off, but Curtis was back on again in 2 min, and it was 10 min before Cooper returned with his head bandaged. Immediately got on the field. He began to bleed profusely, and add to retire. He was taken to the Royal infirmary to have his injury stitched.

From a freekick telling with place to Godfrey, who fired in a fine shot which Jacklin did well to pull down. Shaw threaded his way through, but Jacklin display fine judgement in coming out to take the ball off his toe.

Though handicapped, Denaby played resolutely, and had more of the game than the home team. There was a good deal of end-to-end play, but Denaby did a good deal of pressing. The Doncaster backs were not strong under pressure, but Jacklin was very sound. Corner for both teams, but nothing, and just before half-time, Robertson fired through a crowd of players.

Half-time arrived with no score. Up to this point. Denaby’s chief of been in keeping the ball too much in the middle of the field, the wings had not had much chance.

On resuming, the Rovers rated, and after a freekick, Robertson again shot, in fact this player did most of Doncaster shooting throughout the match. Hamilton cleverly worked his way to goal, but his shot went straight to Jacklin.

There had been many”incidents” on both sides, and most of them could have been dispensed with. Both sides were to blame, Godfrey looked like open the scoring when Lawson brought him down. A penalty was awarded an Godfrey took the kick himself. He drove straight at Jacklin, who brought off a wonderful save and pushed the ball round the post. JacklinĀ“s save hurt the injured hand which kept him out of the first team, and he had to receive attention.

Denaby forced another corner on the left, but still nothing came. Slicer, standing in Denaby is half with only Taylor and Bromage as his companion, took a pass, and despite yells for offside was permitted to fly along the wing. Fortunately, Denaby defence got back in time.

Hamilton now beat two men, but he tried to work into the centre, and lost a fine chance of scoring. Denaby now press continuously and Jackson and Hamilton put across a number of centres, from one of which Picknett put over.

After 35 min, Godfrey made amends, Hamilton playlist a corner kick perfectly and Godfrey got his head to it, giving Jacklin no chance. Denaby supporters went, while the joy and even the Rovers spectators appreciated. Denaby is determined efforts.

Twice more before the end Hamilton and Picknett were dangerous, and each side had corners, but there was no further score. Both sides tried hard, and a hot pace was maintained until the end. Denaby were full value for this victory, which was their 11th running. It was a valiant struggle under a severe handicap, and the disorganised team adapted itself to the conditions with a determination which met it’s due reward.

Denaby defence was good, and Chambers and Illingworth played splendid games in the halfback line, where Shaw assisted. This was the line which it the most to do with the preservation of the record, and their work cannot be too highly praise. Denaby forwards were always social, but Jacklin was a thorn in Denaby side. Doncaster’s extreme wingers played well and got across many centres, but Denaby’s defence was sound.

Team: Bromage; Taylor and Coope; Chambers, Cooper and Killingworth; Hamilton, Picknett, Godfrey, Shaw and Jackson