Denaby Utd – Grantham 1 Denaby 7 – Denaby´s Rousing Feat at Grantham

2 March 1940

Mexborough & Swinton Times, March 02, 1940

Midland League

Complete Command
Denaby´s Rousing Feat at Grantham

Grantham 1, Denaby Utd. 7

Parnham, Grantham´s popular goalkeeper was the most outstanding player on the field in this match on Saturday. This runaway victory was Denaby´s first win on Grantham´s ground.

After being a goal down early in the game, they rallied to command the situation. Parnham made several remarkable saves which were sent in from difficult angles, and but for his majestic display Denaby might have had double figures. Of Grantham´s forwards Fahy stood out.

For Denaby, Gibson had a great day. Westlake played well and the half-backs combined smartly with the ever alert forwards, capably led by Padgett.

From the start exchanges were even, both defences being severely tested. Then at the end of ten minutes Grantham took the lead. A cleverly worked movement saw FAHY trick Wright and Happs before shooting past Gibson.

This setback seemed to put more life into the Denaby attack and Parnham saved from Morallee and Padgett before being beaten by a long shot from WRIGHT. Grantham returned to the attack but were driven back by Happs and Westlake, and Denaby again pressed for GIBBS to score with a cross-shot. Just before the interval PADGETT added a third goal

The second half saw Denaby in complete command. Before the end the Grantham goalkeeper was beaten by DAVIS(2), MORALLEE and PADGETT.