Marconigrams – August 05th, 1922

August 1922

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 5 August, 1922


Today (Friday) is the eighth anniversary of the entry of Great Britain into the Great War.

Wath Urban Council are working out the details of the scheme for dividing the district into five electoral wards.

The furniture and other effects of the Goldthorpe Colliery Club and Institute were sold by auction last Monday.

Last week a Swinton man and his sister, whose weddings took place on the same day celebrated their golden wedding anniversaries.

The last reduction in miners wages amounts to about 18d a shift. If the full reduction had been imposed it would have been the heaviest yet suffered – 31.04.

The Ministry of Health as at as yet given no ruling on the legal point raised in connection with the appointment of the Clerk to the Mexborough Council.

In this part of Yorkshire the custom of setting down a colliery after a fatal accident is likely to be abandoned in favour of a scheme by which work will be continued, and the men and masters will contribute a substantial amount for the benefit of the dependents of the person killed.

The late Mr P.C. Muspratt solicitor of Wath on Dearne acting clerk to the Wath Urban District Council, he was an District Gas Board and the Wath and District Hospital Board, left estate of the value of £12,062. Mr Muspratt was an orphan, and a bachelor, and died intestate.