Marconigrams – August 15th, 1902

August 1902

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 15 August 1902


“Coronation Terrace” is a favourite name for new cottages

Overcrowding at Goldthorpe is causing a spread of scarlet lever.

The cycle track on the Wath Recreation ground is to be reconstructed.

There is to be some opposition in Mexborough against the payment of tithe.

The present is the seventh week of the strike at Denaby and Cadeby Collieries.

The Mexborough and Swinton fishing clubs are just now arranging their annual contests.

The Mexborough Town Crier, in his new uniform, is quite an ornament to any procession.

Several bonfires could be seen from Mexborough, on the night of Coronation Day.

There are at least three houses in Mexborough to which the name “North View” is attached.

The infantile death rate for Mexborough was much lower last month than it has been for some time.

Goldthorpe is said to have been the best decorated village in the district on the occasion of the Coronation.

After stealing cucumbers at Crookhill Hall, some miscreants have recently also smashed the frames.

The awards of the judges of school decorations at Mexborough on Coronation Day gave general satisfaction.

Last week the local Volunteers went to Salisbury plain, and when they came back their faces were coloured.

Congratulations to the Reverend C Mathison, from expert chess players, on the occasion of his being “mated.”

Information as to some recent changes in the staff at the Electric lighting Station is far from satisfactory.

Heavy rain fell at Doncaster and Conisbrough on Monday afternoon, while there was scarcely any rain at Mexborough.

Several of the children who go for soup at Conisbrough take the Coronation mugs that were distributed last month.

Inspector Watson and the Mexborough police render great assistance at the children’s Coronation sports on Saturday.

The plants on the outside window sills at the Montagu Constitutional Club form a pretty ornament to the building.

Mr. T. W. Casey appears to have constituted himself the special guardian of the employees of the Mexborough Council.

“Townside Close” is the name given in the tithe map to the land in Doncaster Road now known as “The Glen.”

During the time that Dr. .J. J. Huey. the medical officer, is on his holidays. Dr. Roberts is act. as “locum tenens.”

The new Primitive Methodist circuit minister, the Reverend Jesse Wilson, believes that politics and religion should be combined.

Some Bolton Councillors have a poor opinion of the Wath, Swinton, Greasboro’ and North Rotherham Joint Hospital Board.

“If eggs are 10 for a shilling in Mexborough, how many hens are there in Swinton?” Is a conundrum the children are asking one another.

Mr “Johnny” Lovell, a woman, is a candidate for the post of steward at the new Working Men’s Club and Institute at Conisbrough.

Traffic on the Great Central Railway was delayed a little on Monday morning, owing to some coal trucks getting off the line at Kilnhurst.

Mr James Ford, gamekeeper on the Montagu estate, has twice been severely assaulted in a cowardly manner by Mexborough roughs within two years. Especially deaf ones

The Bolton open air hospital demonstration was interrupted on Sunday by a shower of rain, and the proceedings had to be continued in the infant school.

The application for a Petty Sessional Division and Court for Mexborough to be successful will involve a great deal more hard work than most people imagine.

A quarrel arose at Goldthorpe between two men after they had drunk 30 quarts of beer. This could certainly not be described as a storm in a teacup.

The Mexborough Plant Band was engaged for Parkgate for the Coronation, but the procession there was dispensed with, and the band received “back word.”

Judging from the number of plans passed at a meeting of the Mexborough Council on Wednesday evening, the building trade will continue brisk for some time.

Sarah Street, off High Street, Mexborough is to be repaired. “Whatever is the world coming to?” Was the jealous remark of a Brickyard woman, when she heard of it.

There is likely to be a large excursion from this district on the occasion of the proposed Sunday demonstration at Grimsby, on behalf of the Denaby and Cadeby miners.

A meeting of the Mexborough School Board will be held next Tuesday, when, amongst other matters, the application of the caretakers for increases of salary will be considered.

A local youth met a fair maiden at a seaside resort, and he told her he was a draughtsman at an ironworks. Israel occupation join a wheelbarrow on a bandwagon.

The statement that two of the Cadeby branch committee members are “un financial” is not true, and the men who first circulated the falsehoods may find themselves in a queer position.

Mr W Nicholson and Mr W.P.Turner, prominent members of the Mexborough Cricket Club, where at Wiseton Hall on Monday and Tuesday, playing cricket for Wiseton against the Old Biltonians.

A miner went to collect money at Hickleton Colliery for the Denaby and Cadeby strike fund has absconded with over £13; if he were to return it would be difficult for his former colleagues to “Be calm” with him.