Marconigrams – August 18th, 1951

August 1951

South Yorkshire Times, August 18th, 1951


Mr David Hopkins, prospective Conservative candidate for Don Valley, will spend a fortnight of his holidays open-air campaigning.

Mr. Fred Hawksworth, Clerk of Dearne Urban Council since its formation in 1937, is to retire on September 20th.  He has spent 44 years in local government in the Dearne area, and since 1945 has been a member of the Executive Council of the Urban District Council’s Association of England and Wales.

Wednesday saw the start of Barnsley’s big pay-out for the feast week which begins to-morrow (Saturday) and most of the surrounding collieries will be closed.  Bookings are heavy to London for the Festival and the Continent.  Barnsley British Co-operative Society are distributing about £250,000 in dividend.

Soon, Mrs. Jean Fairclough, of Broomhead Road, Wombwell, wife of ex-Pc. Norman Fairclough who died playing cricket on Whit Saturday, will be able to return to her native Canada with her three children – thanks to the generosity of her husband’s cricketing colleagues.

Fred Trueman, the 20-year-old Yorkshire fast bowler from Maltby, who was awarded his County cap during the Essex game at Bradford, was given a medical examination for National Service yesterday and passed for the R.A.F.

The schedule of road accidents during July in the area covered by this series of newspapers is issued by the Chief Constable and shows that one person was fatally injured – at Stocksbridge – four seriously injured and 27 slightly injured.

“There is too much wrong gathered from the pictures.  Let your son go to Church or Sunday School – they are much better places than pictures.”  County Coun. Roberts presiding at Doncaster West Riding Juvenile Court last Friday, told the father of an 11-year-old Bolton-on-Dearne schoolboy.