Marconigrams – August 22nd, 1902

August 1902

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 22 August 1902


A census is to be taken of the children of Mexborough.

A Denaby miner sale, on Wednesday, in the “White Star” SS Majestic for New York.

A “Mexborough Times” agent was dastardly assaulted last Friday night at Denaby Main.

The increase of wages granted to caretakers of Mexborough Board schools averages 4 ½ d a week.

The making of the footpath in Bellue View Road, Garden Street, Mexborough has been commenced.

Mr F.W Denham, of Mexborough, was the judge of pigeons in the Woodhouse Show on Wednesday.

One or two Mexborough Councils are suffering from a curious complaint known as bathsonthebrain.

On Tuesday afternoon a large rat was seen on the wall in mkt. Street, Mexborough, basking in the sun.

A team of Mexborough cricketers fairly beat a team of Yorkshire Dragoons at Doncaster on Monday.

The Swinton School Board have decided to purchase a rocking horse for use in the Swinton Bridge Infant School.

A precocious Mexborough child, who wants to be a man, desire to know if he will grow old quickly by eating dates.

The women of Denaby and New Conisborough has this week held open-air meetings in connection with the colliery dispute.

The Denaby and Cadeby miners would feel more satisfied if the cases taken to Doncaster were dealt with by local magistrates.

The Doncaster Trade and Labour Council on Tuesday decided to assist the Denaby and Cadeby miners to the best of their ability.

Arthur Nobles, of Dunn St, Swinton, a bowler of much promise has offered throwing his lot with the Mexborough Cricket Club.

Some clever pickpockets have recently been operating in the Mexborough market, among the crowds that gather round quack doctors.

This is the eighth week of the Denaby and Cadeby strike, and so far no official effort has been made on either side to bring about a settlement.

The surface men who are thrown out of work by the miner’s strike think it is high time some steps were taken towards bringing about a settlement.

The accommodation in the whole of the Mexborough day schools is for 2,258 children, and there were last month to 2,198 children on average attendance.

The next ordinary meeting of the Mexborough Council falls on Saint Leger Day, and the members have, therefore, decided to hold the meeting a week earlier.

An appeal is made for gifts of toys, pictures, and books for children or inmates of the Wath, Swinton, Greasby and North Rotherham Joint Infectious, hospital.

The Conisborough Fire Brigade were judged to be the third smartest brigade at the recent Grimsby demonstration, and not the first, as was incorrectly stated last week.

Some of the public men of Wombwell are proposing to make application for a charter of incorporation, so that the district may receive all the dignity of a borough.

Mexborough great pace in the time is not yet come for the incorporation Mexborough with Swinton as a brother. The idea is that they have been quite enough “borrow” already.

On Friday a mass pit gate meeting of the miners employed at the Houghton Main Colliery was held, when it was unanimously resolved to support the miners and their families at Denaby and Cadeby whilst on strike, by paying the levy of 3d per week.