Marconigrams – August 29th, 1902

August 1902

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 29 August 1902


This is the ninth week of the strike at Denaby and Cadeby collieries

Bolton School Board election takes place in October.

A census is to be taken of the schoolchildren of Swinton.

A parcel post to America will commence on Monday next.

Two Mexborough Councillors have been spending a holiday in Ireland.

An ordinary meeting of the Mexborough Council is to be held next Wednesday.

Swinton fanciers carried off a great many prizes at the Wombwell show last week.

As usual things are rather quiet in the Mexborough district just before the Doncaster race week.

Kilnhurst Alliance Band one fourth prize at the band contest at Cleethorpes on Saturday.

The profits for the year of the Manvers Main Collieries, Ltd, amounted to £80,791 0s 10d

The nameplates at the end of Mexborough streets have been recently repainted and are now quite legible.

The best local football matters in this district next season should be witnessed on the Denaby ground.

The ancient game of bowls is very little practised in South Yorkshire; there are very few greens available.

There was not much doing at the Mexborough School Board meeting last week; there is always a calm after a storm.

A Mexborough man is still rather sore because he failed to get change for a sovereign at a Swinton public house the other day.

The new service of trains on the Hull and Barnsley Railway between Wath and Hickleton bids fair to be well patronised.

Opportunity has been taken this week by Mexborough and Swinton people to visit friends and relatives during Barnsley Feast.

It has been decided to hold the Montagu Copy cottage Hospital annual tea on Thursday, October 2, in the Mexborough Market Hall.

A first and final dividend of 4s 7 ½ d in the pound has been declared on the estate of Cooper and Co. late of High St, Mexborough.

Mr G.H.Smith, the well-known Mexborough builder, as purchased a house at Wheatley, Doncaster, where he intends to resign.

A dividend of 20% for the year on ordinary shares in the Manvers Main Collieries Ltd has been declared this week.

The Royal Humane Society secretary has requested enquiries to be made in to 2 recent cases of rescue from drowning at Mexborough.

Nearly 20 gentlemen have intimated their willingness to join a Chess Club at Mexborough and a preliminary meeting will be called within a fortnight.

Two men were summoned for fighting: “I struck in self defence, your worship’s.” said one. “I never struck at all,” said the other. Which spoke the truth?

“It must have been a rather draughty place to live in,” was the comment of an unimaginative visitor when he had made an inspection of Conisborough Castle.

The whole of the cases in the first court at the Doncaster West Riding Ct on Saturday, with the exception of one, came from Denaby Main and Conisborough.

Altogether 162 miners have been summoned for the Denaby and kb Colliery Company for damages, and 155 have been ordered to pay £5 each making a total of £930.

A meeting of the Council of the Yorkshire Miners Association held on Saturday, but nothing was reported as to any action in connection with the Denaby dispute.

A West Melton landlord had trouble with a customer who gave him a black eye. If this isn’t enough it ought to be; in any case the landlord lives at the Cottage of Content.

Two Denaby bus driver been fined for racing their horses. The local sergeant said they went to the rate of 15 miles an hour. What a terrible sight he must have been!

The Yorkshire County cricket team finished her championship fixtures on Wednesday with a brilliant victory over Kent, and are now champing County for the third consecutive season.

It seems highly probable that the Whitworth Challenge Cup, which is the Mexborough Cricket League trophy, will be secured for the first time by Mitchell Main Club, who were the champions of the league in 1899.