Marconigrams – December 11th, 1931

December 1931

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 11 December 1931


Parliament adjourns to-day till Feb. 2.

Hickleton Main will probably work every day up to Christmas, except Saturdays.

The annual concert in aid of the Montagu Hospital will be held in Olympia on Sunday.

In twenty years South Yorkshire will have returned from industry to agriculture.—Mr. J. Hall.

The whole future of England depends on education of our children – Viscount Halitan.

“I intend to go on saying what I believe to be true, however gloomy it may be.”— Dean Inge.

Mexborough Chamber of Trade are considering a proposal to open the local market on Fridays.

The weather forecast promises a continuance of this “mild December.” An Australian Christmas?

Raffles and guessing competitions were banned at a Primitive Methodist bazaar at Mexborough yesterday.

Members of a Kent choir have sung carols for 20 years running. This is the safest way to sing them.—” Punch.”

If all the churches of the world united in a great crusade they could put an end to war – Mrs J. A. K. Lee.

Viscount Halifax has promised me that presently he will write a book called, “The First Hundred Years of My Life.”—Fr. H. Howard.

You owe your church in Goldthorpe to Lord Halifax; he has been your fairy godfather from the beginning – Archdeacon Sandford.

A child’s attack of toothache led to a discovery of fire and the timely escape of an Upton family in the early hours of yesterday morning.

A £16,000 scheme for the taking over and making up of private streets at Denaby has been approved for assistance by the Unemployment Grants Committee.

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Mr. Justice Meredith having envisaged the day when roulette will be played by wireless, it is felt that it will not be long now before our heavy-weight boxing champions will do their fighting through the post.—” Punch