Marconigrams – February 24, 1951

February 1951

South Yorkshire Times, February 24, 1951


Electric street lighting at Conisbrough is to cease each night at midnight.

Conisbrough Urban Council are to ask the Ministry of Local Government and Planning for consent to borrow £21,260 for building 16 houses at Conanby.

Coun. Henry Wharton (57), who has been a member of Wath Urban Council since 1946, collapsed and died in High Street, Wath, on Monday while on his way to a special Council meeting.

Chief Superintendent Hunter, of Doncaster West Riding Police, last Thursday presented 14 members of the Special Constabulary at Denaby and Conisbrough with bars for long service.

The Minister of Health has approved Doncaster Rural Council’s acceptance of a tender submitted by Messrs. Ben Bailey Ltd.. Mexborough, for 104 houses at Rossington at a cost of £126,294.

Dr. J. Leper, Medical Officer for Mexborough, Conisbrough and Dearne will address the annual meeting of Wath and Tankersley Moral Welfare Association at Wath on Monday.

Mr. S. Brittain (chairman). speaking at the annual meeting of Wombwell Tennis Club. said that tennis would soon be too expensive for anybody. The club decided to impose a special levy on members to pay for tennis balls, which, it was stated, had reached the almost prohibitive price of 3s 4d each.

Conisbrough Urban Council are not prepared to recognise the Urban Councils’ Association as a negotiating body in connection with salaries and conditions of service of District Council Clerks and other chief officers.