Marconigrams – February 24th, 1912

February 1912

Mexborough and Swinton Times, February 24, 1912


The extended churchyard of Darfield was consecrated on Tuesday.

A canal barge fully ladened went down in the canal at Swinton this week.

Several local families have decided to transfer their homes to Canada and Australia.

There is a boom in emigration which has never previously been equalled.

On Tuesday the Bishop of Sheffield opened a new Parish Hall at Wombwell.

The annual meeting of the Swinton Cricket Club will be held on Tuesday next.

As important sale of Barnburgh land was conducted at Wath on Thursday evening.

Wombwell Council is offering £80 in prizes for designs of public Swimming baths.

Already one of the prospective new candidates is already in the field with his advertising

Some startling assertions were made at the meeting of the Swinton Education Committee on Tuesday.

The Great Central Railway Station at Swinton will be altered considerably when the railway is widened.

Considerable damage has been done to the ancient church at Hickleton, by colliery subsidence

The annual meeting of the Montagu Hospital Management Committee is to be held on Monday.

Which is strange, seeing that the local elections are hard on us and usually “everyone has a tale to tell.”

Plans of the proposed swimming bath at Conisborough were presented at Wednesday’s meeting of the Pariah Council

Dr. J. J. Huey,  Mexboro, was one of the guests at the annual medical dinner held at the Royal Hotel, Sheffield on Tuesday.

The band stand in Mexboro’ Park Road Recreation Ground is to be converted into a children’s shelter, at a cost of £10 odd.

The Vicar of Conisboro’ is making a further appeal for the £670 required if the restoration scheme is to be carried out in its entirety.

Wednesday’s meeting of the Mexboro’ Council was exceedingly well conducted and the business was transacted almost in record time.

It is a long time since the verbal meanderings of the Councillors wore brought down to such a minimum.

Councillor T. Athron and his colleagues are to be congratulated on the despatch with which they disposed of the town’s business on Wednesday.

The Rev. P. W. Shepherd curate at Hutton Rudby, North Yorkshire, has been offered by the Lord Chancellor and has accepted the living of Kilnhurst.

Is it true that the carcase of a cow, condemned locally as tuberculous has been removed from the town and disposed of in a neighbouring township?

And is it true that the local railwaymen have agreed not to carry any coal in the event of a coal strike?

A member of the Mexboro’ Trades Council on Wednesday evening described the Swinton Councillors as being a capitalistic set of representatives.

Owing to the vacancy by Mr. EL Law having forfeited his seat on Mexboro’ Council there will be six vacancies to fill at the forthcoming election.

For his services, rendered in connection with the Bolton housing scheme Bolton Council have decided to pay Mr. Hawksworth, their clerk, a sum of £100

A Wath family had a narrow escape of being burned to death on Monday morning and these awful consequences were happily settled by the kindly aid of a few neighbours.

Mr. F. Hall. M.P., has expressed the opinion that if there is a move to avert what seems inevitable it must come from the coal owners, for the miners’ representatives have gone as far as they can in the matter.

A good deal of interest will attach to the sermon to be preached by the Rev. T. Anderson, late Congregational minister, in the new Free Christian Church in West street. Mexboro’ on Sunday.

The first report of Mexboro’ Lady Health Visitor (Miss Montagu) presented at the Council meeting on Wednesday evening was characterised as helpful and interesting.

We understand that a further series of lectures will be given at the Bolton Carnegie Library, the first of which it announced for Tuesday next, when Miss F. R. Rolf will lecture on Health.