Marconigrams – February 26th, 1932

February 1932

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 26 February 1932


Coroner: A miner? There is no such person in law.

The Mexborough Hospital “Rag” is fixed for Saturday, May 28th.

The Chamber of Trade hopes to promote a Shopping Week next October.

Since the national crisis over £1.00,000 has been voluntarily given to the Exchequer.

Defendant (with 37convictions): I do not come here to tell lies. I have been here too often for that.

An American firm turns out 50,000 bottles of hair-restorer a week. This is known as moss-production.–“Punch.”

The annual meeting of governors and subscribers of the Montagu Hospital, Mexborough, will be held next Monday evening.

Heard at Doncaster Police Court: Witness: I cannot say what happened to the constable. Magistrate: You can bet he came out all right.

An Irish police notice: “Until further notice every vehicle must carry a light when darkness begins. Darkness begins when the lights are lit.”

When a door-key is hung outside a house in Sweden it is a sign that the family is not at home. If this is done in England it is a sign that the family is not all there. —”Punch.”

Alexander: “I’se gonna ‘mash yo’ nose all ova yo’ face; I’s goin’ to push dose teef down yo’ throat, an’ blak bof yo’ eyes—et cetera.” Mose: Yo’ don’t mean et cetera – yo’ mean vahs vehsa .”

The Goldthorpe Church Players are to give ten performances, commencing on Monday, of a Passion play, “By Thy Cross and Passion.” a simplified and shortened form of the Oberammagau play.

Miss Lilian Wainwright, 1, Park Street. Wombwell, is the winner of the 5s. for the first correct identification opened of last weeks “Where Is This?” picture. This week’s picture is unavoidably held over.

Mr. Edgar Cree, Bolton-on-Dearne, who is seventeen years of age, has been appointed assistant to Dr. Coleman, organist of Peterborough Cathedral, and has also been appointed organist of the City Picture House, Peterborough.

At the annual meeting of the Mexborough Chamber of Trade on Wednesday, it was reported that the monthly page of advertisements inserted in the South Yorkshire Times under the auspices of the Chamber had been of great value to Mexborough traders