Marconigrams – January 06th, 1912

January 1912

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 06 January 1912


The treat to the old folks of Mexborough will take place today (Friday).

The Swinton evening classes are announced to recommence on Monday next, January 8, 1912.

All the market fares, excursion fares, traders tickets, on the railways and been increased.

Locally, the market fares to Sheffield, Doncaster and Barnsley have all been increased by one penny.

The Denaby Cricket Club Ball on Wednesday evening was a successful social function. The proceedings will realise at least £30.

It is hoped that next Thursday’s similar events at the Mexborough Secondary Schools in connection with the Cricket Club will be equally successful.

Dr. Arthur Blythman. of Swinton, leaves London to-day for a voyage to Australia and back for the benefit at his health.

Dr. Blythman, who is an enthusiastic supporter of cricket, is hoping that his ship, the Orient Liner – “Otway” will bring back the English cricketers.

There is a splendid opportunity at Swinton for the builder. There is a demand for nearly a 100 houses in the neighbourhood of Green Lane., Swinton.

The recent developments at Messrs. Baker’s works have created this demand. At the present time a large number of their workmen are travelling to and from Rotherham.

The control of the telephone system of the country passed at midnight on New Year’s Eve from the National Telephone Company to the Post Office.

At the Mexboro’ Exchange, we understand that no new conditions will come into force, and the Exchange will be controlled as before.

The new Adwick Road School, opened on Thursday, is the eighth elementary school erected in Mexborough.

An interesting interview with Miss Montagu, Mexborough Health Visitor, will be found elsewhere in these columns.

Councillor N. Adshead will shortly give up his occupation as a miner to became mine host of the Albion Inn, Mexborough.

A private theatrical performance was given at Hickleton Hall on Saturday afternoon by the guests of Lord and Lady Halifax.

Mrs Sargison, formerly of the Empire Theatre, Mexborough, has been appointed manager of the Royal Electric Theatre, Mexborough.

Mrs J Verity, Holywell House Swinton gave her annual treat on Thursday to the Piccadilly children. About 100 were entertained.

Swinton Council recently made the last payment of the water and sewerage loan, which will see the township an annual sum of £1400.

The playing of the ‘Dead March in Saul the massed bands at the immoral of Mr. Tom Haigh. of Mexboro’,on Sunday, was most impressive.

Invitations are being issued this week fin a whist drive and dance at Swinton Carnegie Library, on Thursday, January I8, in connection with the Swinton Cricket Club.

On Monday. Mr. Erie Taylor, son of Mr. C. H. Taylor, of Middlowood Hall and Hampole, celebrated his 21st birthday. and there were great rejoicings at Darfield in connection with the event.

A mass meeting of the miners employed in the Mexborough Denaby and Wath district will be held on Sunday evening, at the Empire Palace, Mexborough to discuss the minimum wage question.

The series of lectures arranged by the Mexborough Congregational Literary and Social Union recommence on Tuesday evening next, when the Reverend G Dolphin, of Sheffield, is to give a lecture “Maeterlinck.”

At the Sheffield Bankruptcy Court On Wednesday, Mr Registrar Binney made a receiving order, unaccredited specific petition, against Stephen Guest, of Mexborough, timber merchants. Mr T.E.spate, of Leeds, is the solicitor in the matter.

Dr. Harvey, of Swinton, had a curious experience last week. He had engaged a cook, who is said to be a professional burglar. The doctor had forcibly to eject an unwelcome intruder associated with the cook. Both were arrested and charged at Harrogate on Tuesday with thefts of a most audacious character.