Marconigrams – July 04th, 1942

July 1942

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 04 July 1942


Dr. John James Huey, who has been in practice in Mexborough for over forty years and who was for many years Medical Officer of Health to Mexborough Urban Council, retired on Tuesday.

After over 83 years’ service with the Arm of Messrs. Edward Smith and Sons, Ltd., of West Melton, Miss Alice Cuttle retired on Tuesday. She had been head of the dressmaking department for many years.

In last week’s Montagu Hospital charity cricket match, Coun. Frank Tingle’s XI was captained by Mr. George Price, of the Collegiate Club, Sheffield, and formerly for many years captain of Swinton cricket team.

A medical student of 19, on whom an inquest was held at Cudworth on Monday, was stated to have left a note saying: “I have weighed up all the arguments for and against living and hv come to the conclusion that life is not worth living.”

Following a Council meeting of the Yorkshire Mineworkers’ Association at Barnsley on Monday, Mr. J. A. Hall, President stated: “The Council endorsed the decision of the adjourned national delegate conference in accepting the proposals of the Board of Investigation on wages.”

Rumour has been suggesting that Lord Halifax, British Ambassador at Washington, will not return there after his pending visit to this country, but there is no truth in this suggestion. Lord Halifax wants to take a brief holiday, which he is sure to spend mainly in Yorkshire. After a stay of probably a month or five weeks he will return to Washington.

Another delightful evening’s cricket is promised for Friday. July 10th, on Mexborough Athletic Ground, when a team from Hadflelds, Ltd. (Swinton works) will meet Mexborough Civil Defence Services. Both teams will include well known players and the game will commence at 6 o’clock. Mr. J. J. Mackenzie (Superviser, Swinton Works) is responsible for Hadfields’ team and Mr. H. Constable (Special Constables) for the Civil Defence team. The match is arousing considerable interest, tickets are being disposed of rapidly will be devoted to the Montagu Hospital.

Local education authorities have been asked to keep schools open throughout the holidays, with full provision of meals and milk, and to see that they are adequately staffed to ensure that children can be provided with interesting and useful occupations.

Wednesday, July 1st, was the appointed day for a transfer of coal royalties from private to Government ownership at a cost of £66,450,000. Biggest owners of coal royalties were the Ecclesiastical Commission, who, it is estimated, will lose an annual income of about £120,000 as a result of the transfer.

The Mexborough Athletic Club, along with the Mexborough railwaymen and butchers, intend to organise a stay-at-home holiday carnival on August 13th in aid of the Montagu Hospital. The club will welcome the offer of any performers or displays, or any attraction appropriate for such an event. Will those interested please write to the secretary of the Mexborough Athletic Club?

To meet the increase in miners’ wages arising out of the Greene Award and to cover increased costs already incurred in certain mining districts, the Ministry of Fuel and Power has authorised an advance of 3s. a ton In the pithead price of coal from July 3rd. In accordance with the Government’s decision previously announced, the price of coal to the consumer will be raised by the same amount on that date.