Marconigrams – June 24th, 1911

June 1911

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 24 June 1911


According to the recent census, the population surrounding Mexborough within a radius of 5 miles now totals 150,000.

Now that Wath sure now easily public baths can be erected at a comparatively small cost local Councils are contemplating following suit. Mexborough has already appointed a sub committee to prepare an estimate.

The Mexborough Coronation festivities proved a poor sample and lots of Mexborough people booked to Conisborough in a hurry. Conisborough get outfought twice a year at the Feast and on Good Friday and possibly they are secretly glad that there is in the Coronation every year.

Several of our local celebrity state to watch the Coronation in London on Thursday, but one or two of them were quickly fed up on the Wednesday with experience of having to wait at a street corner after an hour before they could cross the road.

The West Riding Education Authority require 500 teachers for the elementary schools every year. Last year the only received 300 applications.

A giant 6 feet 9 ½ inches tall and weighing over 20 stores, has his eye on the heavyweight championship of the country. He will not yet divulges name, but expresses a desire to meet “Iron” Hague at Doncaster during race week.

The 16 large floral baskets which decorate the Empire Palace at Mexborough were supplied by Mr Rixham, Brookfield nurseries, Swinton.

Pastor Bert Bailey has been appointed by the London Wesleyan Home Mission House to take charge of the New Central Mission Hall, Port Talbot, South Wales. Mr Bailey leaves Mexborough about the middle of August.

On Wednesday evening a little girl ran across the bottom of Dolcliffe Road just as a cyclist was turning the corner. The ride was upset, and the little girl thrown down. She was fortunately none the worse.

Mexborough Concertina Band are given a concert in the Thrybergh Clubroom on Sunday morning, June 25.

For once in a way the Mexborough Council got through their monthly business meeting under three hours. Half the time should have sufficed.

The heavy shower early on Monday afternoon proved expensive to the Mexborough Sports Committee. It brought the gate down to only very ordinary proportions.

Three inquests have been held in the district this week, and we have unfortunately at the usual drowning fatality attendant with the Feast.

The Mexborough Cricket Club managed to win one of their holiday matches.

Mexborough Council have decided to increase the wages of some of their employees.

At the Mexborough Empire Palace films were shown last Thursday evening of the Coronation procession in London.