Marconigrams – June 4th 1921

June 1921

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 04 June 1921


The Census will take place on June 19

Wombwell Council are inviting tenders for the erection of 386 houses in Kings Rd, Wombwell.

Heard in Harlington Lane, Mexborough; “Mother, are they building those things instead of houses?”

The police dislike the motorcycling cult of “pillion riding,” and are very keen on obscured rear plates.

The Reverend W.E. Beloe, of the staff of the Nottingham Parish Church, has accepted an appointment as curate at Conisboro’.

The Mexborough and District Orchestra have concluded their season with a deficit of about £10, which is being defrayed by the members.

A contemporary states that the mining industry is impaired to the extent that 100,000 mine workers will never go down the pit again.

There is a prospect in the near future of a through motor bus service between Barnsley and Doncaster, via Wombwell, Wath, Mexborough, Denaby and Conisborough.

If the wage earner in his country’s interest must receive less for his work, let the rest of us agreed to reduce our demand on the national store in like measure.” – Lord Rathcreedan.

“If this country have been able to secure a substantial measure of industrial peace it’s a law might have been able to avoid a wave of serious depression.” – William Graham, L.L.B., M.P.

The Reverend T.T. Taylor has given a house, to be called “Saint Hilda’s Vicarage,” to accommodate the Priest-in-Charge of Saint Hilda’s Mission Thurnscoe.

Mr Herbert Salisbury’s Squance, of Sunderland, has succeeded the late Colonel T.W.H. Mitchell as chairman of the Mitchell Main collieries Ltd, and as a director of the Carlton Main Collieries Ltd.

Mr Winterton, prospective Labour candidate for Loughborough, in a lecture on the Press, at Wath, on Tuesday, said that local newspapers are usually the fairest and most impartial. We know more about this and Mr Winterton, and we entirely agree with him.

“Irelands tragedies, Divorce Court’s multiplied proceedings, Society general licentiousness, Mammon worship in every shape and form – these and a hundred other evils of the day call for universal prayer to God.” – The Vicar of Conisbrough