Marconigrams – November 11th, 1932

November 1932

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 11 November 1932


A number of letters to the Editor are unavoidably held over.

Over thirty million poppies have been distributed for sale to-day and to-morrow.

Mother: Jimmy, Auntie will never kiss you with a dirty face. Jimmy: That’s what I thought.

Mr. C. W. H. Peat, formerly of Swinton, is in a Croydon nursing home recovering from an operation

The Denaby Main Co-operative Society has reduced its rate of interest on share capital to 4 per cent

“How do I know the plural of hippopotamus?” said the exasperated schoolboy; “and who wants more than one anyway?”

Mr. Albert Downing, formerly of Mexborough, now a leading Canadian tenor, is to tour the British Isles next summer.