Marconigrams – November 24th 1951

November 1951

South Yorkshire Times, November 24th 1951


The Governors of Darfield Modern School are to inform local farmers that it is contrary to regulations to employ schoolchildren on potato picking during school hours.

Miss Edith Pottinger of Mexborough, Sheffield Diocesan moral welfare worker for the Doncaster area, is to take up a similar appointment at Caterham (Surrey) in the Southwark Diocese.

Darfield Urban Council are to ask Mr. W. Paling M.P. for Dearne Valley to support Barnsley Brewery Co.’s application for a building licence for a prefabricated hotel in Nanny Marr Road, Darfield.

North-Eastern division pits created a Saturday morning record on Saturday when 111 of the 115 collieries were at work.  Of the other four, two have worked the extra half-hour daily in lieu of Saturday work, and the remaining two are closed for repairs.

Mr. Tom Williams M.P. for Don Valley has now completed 29 years’ continuous service in Parliament – a record achieved by only three other sitting members.

The Samson Stripper, a machine that is revolutionising coal-getting in Britain, will be at work in several Yorkshire pits next year. Within the next two years eight machines will be in use in the area.  Much of the pioneer work in using the stripper was done at Elsecar.