Marconigrams – November 25th, 1932

November 1932

South Yorkshire Times – Friday 25 November 1932


A kitten born at Ackworth has two perfectly shaped heads.

Mr. G. E. Hint. M.P. of Darfield, is ill and under medical treatment.

The Bishop of Liverpool is asking ordinands not to marry for five years.

Thirty five per cent of families in West Riding are separately housed.

  1. R. Hall Caine, M.P. is introducing a Bill for the flogging of motor bandits.

“Shyness is inverted pride — always a symptom of selfishness. — The Rev. L. E. Meredith, of Wath.

The Yorkshire Cross-Country Association are to hold their annual championships next February on the Swinton racecourse.

About a hundred men and boys ceased work at Wath Main on Tuesday owing to the temporary closing of the Melton Field scam.

At Wath Grammar School on December 7th to December 11th the plays, “Badger’s Green” (Sheriff) and “The School for Scandal” (Sheridan) are to be performed by the pupils.

Lady Mabel Smith and Mrs. Singleton (Mexboro’) are to address a special conference of the South Yorkshire Labour Women’s Advisory Council at Doncaster on Tuesday, in protest against the education cuts.

Hickleton Golf Club Dance, Empress Ballroom. Thursday, December 1st. Bullars’ No. 1 Band.