Marconigrams – September 10th, 1921

September 1921

Mexborough and Swinton Times Saturday 10 September, 1921


The Mexboro’ Secondary’ school will reopen on Wednesday, Sept. 14

This weeks “Notes for the Garden” deal with second growth of potatoes.

Preparations are already being made for the holding of Christmas Fat Stock shows!

Appeals for the Russian famine relief fund are to be made at harvest festival services throughout the country.

The Doncaster Race Week road traffic has claimed at least one victim, a little boy having been killed at Wombwell.

Trade seems to be reviving. A board of guard likes in this district is advertising for tenders for the supply of coffins!

The Mexborough Locomotive Plant Works ambulance teams again won the McClure cup. Credit is due to every member of the team.

Mr. Fred Hall, M.P., speaking at Wombwell on Sunday, suggested that ‚Äúdead money” in the King Edward Fund should be used for hospitals.

The unveiling ceremony of the Swinton War Memorial, on Sunday, will be performed Earl Fitzwilliam and dedicated by the Lord Bishop of Sheffield,

Entries for the Mexborough Music Festival which is to be held on Friday and Saturday, October 7th and 8th, show a satisfactory increase over those of the previous year.

On one day this week about three thousand fewer tickets were taken at Conisboro’ railway station than were collected on the corresponding day last year. Is it a case of Ford or can’t afford?

People are ending it hard to meet the rate collectors’ call just now. At Mexborough the recent notice fixing a time limit stimulated many payments. In a few weeks about three hundred rate summonses are returnable at Rotherham.

Up to the end of July more than 27,000 British firms had enrolled under the National scheme for the employment of ex-service men. The undertakings given by these employers cover nearly 300,000 disabled ex-service men.