Marconigrams.- September 16th, 1932

September 1932

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 16 September 1932


Yo-yo is bringing back diabolo.

Gardeners are complaining of a plague of caterpillars.

“Expectation of life” has increased in two generations by fifteen years.

Over 300 million poppies have been distributed since the inauguration of Poppy Day in 1921.

The cemetery at Denaby Main, which was opened in 1916, is now to be supplied with entrance sates.

A Mexboro’ man, Mr. Joseph Bell, died in a ‘bus in Leeds while returning from holiday last Saturday.

Two hundred of the men recently dismissed from Mitchell Main Colliery have been re-absorbed.

The vicar of Denaby (Rev. S. Powley) has been elected a Fellow of the Philosophical Society of England.

The Rev. and Mrs. C. H. Stockdale, formerly of Mexboro’ celebrated their silver wedding anniversary on Saturday.

A debate on Russia, arranged by the W.E.A. is to be held in the Mexborough Y.M.C.A. next Monday evening.

Enquiries have been made regarding the possibility of putting down a Salerni plant for coal carbonisation at Wombwell.

One out of every seventeen people in the British Isles is a Methodist.—Rev. William I Younger, President, P.M. Conterence.

The Conisboro’ Urban District Council have undertaken the provision of fifty wayside seats in various parts of their area.

Under Methodist Union, which comes into force next week, Wath Wesleyan Church will be known as Trinity Methodist Church.

Mexborough Rotary Club are furnishing blind persons in Mexborough with white sticks to distinguish them in crowds and in traffic.

Young people who are experts about the ankles and amateurs about the necks are not of any use in the modern world.—Rev. William Younger.

The increase of threepence a gallon in the price of petrol is likely to be reflected in increased ‘bus fares, but no decision has yet been reached.