Marriage a Failure at Denaby.

January 1902

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 17 January 1902

Marriage a Failure at Denaby.

Ealey James Rogers-Thomas, a pit corporal of Denaby, was summoned by Mary Ellen Rogers Thomas, him wife, for deserting her.

Mr. W. Raddiley, appeared for the complainant, and stated that the complainant was only 19 years of age, and she was married to the defendant at Conisboro’, in 1900 and there was one boy of the marriage, born March 16th. 1901, named Edgar Thomas.

The defendant had often told his wife to go away and on the 29th December he turned her out of the house at 11-30 at night, with the little child in her arms. However, she persuaded him to let her in again and he did so. But on the following Monday he turned her out again, and told her to take her —- hook and fastened up all the windows so that she could not get in again, and locked the door. Afterwards, owing to his conduct that summons was taken out.

The defendant worked at Cadeby and his wages were 6s 5d, per day. The complainant applied for a sepertation order and the custody of the child

The complainant bore out Mr. Boddilley’s statement, and stated that they lived in Quakers’ Fold, Mexboro’ for about three months. A young woman lodged in the with them and that caused a certain amount of unpleasantness between her and her husband. She turned the young woman out about five weeks ago.

A witness corroborated and stated the defendant carried on something disgraceful.

Defendant stated that they had had a lot of sickness and he had changed his employment on account of his wife’s health. He had never struck her or illused her.

The Bench granted a separation order, the defendant to contribute 12s. per week towards his wife’s maintenance and she to have the custody of the child.