Matches down the Pit at Denaby

January 1907

Mexborough and Swinton Times January 19, 1907

Doncaster West Riding.

Saturday – before Mr B. J. Streatfeild (chairman), Ald. W. Chadwick C. C. Mr W. J. Huntriss Mr J. C. Coulman Mr C. Kilner (Conisborough) Mr J. Brocklesby (Conisborough) Mr B. Outwin, and Mr B. Walker Jackson.

Matches down the Pit at Denaby

John Hornsby, horse keeper, Conisborough, was summoned at the instance of the Denaby Colleries Ltd for a breach of the special colliery rule 99.

He pleaded guilty.

Mr F. Allen, who prosecuted, said the rule provided that a man should not have matches in his possession down the pit. It was not necessary, he thought, to emphasise the danger to the lives of all concerned that arose from men taking matches down the pit.

In this particular case the defendant, on December 31st, was searched at the bottom of the pit, in accordance, with the special rules, by two men who had been previously searched and he was found to have six matches in his ticket pocket.

Of course he admitted the offence.

Defendant, who said he was very sorry, was fined 5/-  and costs.

Patrick MacDonald, miner, Denaby, was summoned for a similar offence.

Mr Allen said this case was precisely similar except that it could be said in defendant’s favour that he had only one match, and it was an old one. The defendant said he had previously searched himself, and it was purely an oversight.

The Chairman: What do you mean by an old match?

Mr Allen: He had had it in his pocket some time.

The Chairman: It was a “live” match?

Mr Allen: Yes; a “life in one.” It was evidently an oversight on his part. But, of course, he should see that he did not take matches down.

Defendant said he did not know the match was there.

He was ordered to pay 11/6 costs.