Matrimonial Bliss – A Violent Fellow at Conisborough.

September 1895

Mexborough & Swinton Times September 6, 1895

A Violent Fellow at Conisborough.
Matrimonial Bliss.

John Stafford, miner, Conisborough, was charged with an assault upon his wife, Anna Stafford on 13 August.

Complainant disposed that on the day in question she was in her daughter’s house in Clifton Street. She was in bed, the time being 7 o’clock in the morning. The defendant came upstairs and commenced to thrash her, striking her on the head and body. He accompanied his brutality with threats and “bad names,” saying he would swing for her. Her daughter ran upstairs, and succeeded in making him desist.

Defendant: didn’t you fling a glass at me when you were drunk?

Witness: No

In reply to further questions, she denied having thrown stones at the defendant, and also denied that she continually brought intoxicants with the money defendant gave her

Ruth Makin said that her father came across to her house on 13 August. Complainant was asleep in bed, and because she would not answer him he ran upstairs and struck her with his face repeatedly as she lay in bed

Complainant was not in the habit of taking drink.