Conisbro CC – Conisborough 28 Mitchell’s Main 117 for 7

5 May 1900

Mexborough and Swinton Times May 5

Conisborough 28 Mitchell┬┤s Main 117 for 7

The above teams met at Conisborough on Saturday, in search of points in the Mexborough and District League. This was the second of Conisborough┬┤s home engagement and against such opponents a good game was anticipated. Conisborough were defeated somewhat easily – more so than a good many expected.

The Conisborough pro. (Billbrough) did not shine so brilliantly in his bowling performance on this occasion as in the previous match, but managed to gain a very good average. The batting of the pro was nothing like up to the standard the Conisborough supporters require.

With reference to Mitchell’s Main no individual praise need be given. Every one of the players performed up to the mark. Russell was the chief scorer on their side, making a total of 34 runs by good, sound cricket. Senior brought off a grand performance in the bowling line, taking no less than six wickets for nine runs.

For Conisborough. Bilbrough took five wickets for 39 runs. Conisborough, commenced their innings with more and Norwood to the bowling of senior and Needham. The partnership did not last many minutes as Norwood was caught by Lisles for none.

All the other wickets quickly fell, for the small total of 28 runs.