Mean Theft at Denaby

November 1905

Mexborough and Swinton Times November 11, 1905

A Mean Theft at Denaby

John Boucher, labourer, of no fixed abode, was charged on Monday with stealing a pair of boots from another labourer, named Edward Boyse, while the latter lay sleeping in a hut on the Dearne Valley Railway, on 31 October.

Boys had no lodging, so he turned into this hut, and the two lay down to sleep together. When he awoke the next morning he found that the prisoner and the boots had gone. On the second inst he again found the man asleep in the hut, and fetched PC Judd.

The constable said he went with the last witness to the hut, and arrested Boucher, who made no reply to the charge.

Boyse said he was walking about in the rain barefoot all day on November 1. The boots were worth 10 shillings.

Prisoner pleaded not guilty and said he knew nothing about the boots until the constable awoke him.

Inspector Watson said he was a loafing, idle vagabond.

Prisoner was committed to gaol for a fortnight.