Medical Officer’s Report

August 1892

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 05 August 1892

Mexborough Local Board

Medical Officer’s Report

Dr. Twigg reported that during the month there were four deaths, and the death-rate was 6.144 per thousand per annum. The births numbered 32, 15 males and 17 females, and the birthrate was 49.224 per thousand.

Eight cases of infectious diseases had come under his notice, five being small-pox. There was also a case of enteric fever at Swinton road, where the drains were very bad.

Mr. Cliff asked the doctor why he mentioned that some of the smallpox patients were vaccinated and some not

Dr. Twigg: Because I thought it was quite right

Mr. Cliff : I understand the worst case they have had at Denaby is that of a man who has been vaccinated three times. He has lost his hair and is disfigured.

Dr. Twigg: There is vaccination and vaccination, you know.

Mr. Allison: This Wallis, who has died, was never vaccinated, and it shows the importance of vaccination.

Mr. Watson said there was another son, who was vaccinated as an infant, and who had refused to be revaccinated, and there had been some doubt from time to time whether he had not contracted the disease.

Mr. Mawson said he saw the one referred to working that day.

Mr. Cliff: A place like Leicester where few are vaccinated, never has a case of small-pox.

The discussion then ceased.