Mexborough  63   Denaby  67 for 4 – Doughty Denaby

9 July 1910

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 09 July 1910

Mexborough  63   Denaby  67 for 4

Denaby were afforded another opportunity on Saturday of demonstrating their all-round talent. They played the return match with Mexboro on the later’s ground against a team smarting with the remembrance of a recent six wickets’ defeat at their hands.

The result was the same, but Denaby did it easier this time. The tour of the Denaby cricketers in the East Riding seems to have done them all the good in the world. They were a good strong side before they went; apparently they are invincible now.

At any rate, Mexborough cut a sorry figure before G. L. Robinson and Leslie Holton; Arthur Robinson, one the leading figures in the Denaby attack was not required. Only the plucky batting of “Billy” Scott, whose knee was badly injured, redeemed Mexborough’s display. He sent the sixty up before he was caught in front of the sight-board, and then Denaby had nothing to do but go in and win, which they did, for the loss of four wickets.

Both Lather Robinson and Rotten bowled splendidly. Luther served up his off-break and legbreak with delightful impartiality. He had the Mexboro’ skipper feeling for a break – back ball which took off a bail, he “foozled” Tom Field with a leg-break, end actually bowled his legs. Hofton varied his bowling a lot, and was on the off stump most of the time.

Denabv did not start too well, but Narroway pulled them through all right and won the match with a pretty leg-hit for four. And behind the wall which divides cricketers and the rifle shooters, Mexboro’ were beating Denaby at the shooting, which was some consolation at all events.